Art on Contract

For companies, institutions and owners or residents of special buildings, BuildingArt creates modern, unique works of art inspired by the building, the working or living environment.

Are you interested in modern art that is specially made for you and of which the source of inspiration is your own living or working environment?

This art comes into its own in a conference room, the living room or the company restaurant.

Examples of sources of inspiration:

  • The incidence of light in the commercial building creates beautiful shadows.
  • A beam under the ceiling.
  • A special corner with beautiful lines or a beautiful surface division.
  • The construction of a shed.
  • The roof of a warehouse.
  • The fence around the company site.

In short, from manhole cover to beam, fence or facade surface, every part of your work environment can lead to a work of art.

How does it work?

You can contact me by email to make an appointment for a personal meeting where I can bring samples of my work.

If this leads to an assignment, I take several photos on location.

The photo that is most interesting to me, forms the basis for a screen print and a collage, so that a serie is created with:

  • Photo
  • Collage
  • Silkscreen

As soon as the serie is made, I will come by to show the final result. You decide whether you want to buy it. It is important for me that the customer is happy with my artworks. The series that I have made in recent years are in the series section.


CHV Noordkade – Veghel (Photo – Collage – Silkscreen)

Malaga – Hotel corridor (Photo – Collage – Silkscreen)