Seeing special corners, lines and shadows is the source of inspiration* for taking a photo of a building, a scaffold or an object with striking lines.

The photo is used in its entirety, or a part of it is enlarged. By omitting parts and only using the residual forms, it is no longer entirely clear what exactly you are looking at. This alienation is often magnified / amplified by the use of improper colors or structures.

Depth is created by using line perspective and planes. Not through the use of shadows. Background and residual space can merge into each other, so that an abstraction of reality is created in the form of a collage with adhesive foil or screen printing.

The artwork can often be called monumental, even though they may be small. The largest work is no more than 80x100cm. This is because the impression is created that the shapes continue outside the paper.

After sliding the paper, a final composition is chosen. This often leads to a new work and a series is created.

An endless play of geometry and composition.

Ans Schrieks, may 2021

*Moments of Inspiration:

2019: Walking down a street, around the corner, I see the shadows of the walls of the buildings on the street. Beautiful geometric shapes on the street. Inspiration for a new series.

2018: Walking through the corridor of a hotel in Malaga, I see the shadows on the carpet, creating new geometric shapes, resulting in beautiful color transitions.

2017: Lying at the pool of a hotel in Cartagena Colombia, I can see the shadow of the building next to the hotel through the glass windscreen. That produces an almost abstract photo. Inspiration for making a collage and a screen print (see 2017 Pool).